Domino’s New Ad Campaign Tempts You With Pizza While You Watch DVDs

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Domino Pizza DVD

With the help of Brazilian creative agency Artplan, Domino’s is setting off a pretty devious ad campaign in partnership with a bunch of local video rental stores. Pushy and explicit ads usually rub people off the wrong way. That’s why the best way to go about advertising is by presenting ads to people who don’t realize they’ve been served until it’s over.

So how does Domino’s do it? By getting into your rented DVDs, that’s how!

Special labels were printed and then stuck on the discs of popular movies like The Dark Knight, Argo, and James Bond. As they are played, the discs heat up and reveal an image of a delectable pizza underneath the original label.

By the time you pop the disc out of the player, the entire thing will look like a pizza. That’s not all. A special message is also displayed once the movie is over, accompanied by the smell of pizza that can be attributed once more to the special disc label.

Pretty ingenious, huh? Now excuse me while I go and order myself a pie for dinner…

(via Dvice)

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