Vacation Dealbreaker? Snowbowl’s Icky Yellow Pee-Made Slopes

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I doubt I’ll be doing much skiing at the yellowish slopes of Arizona’s Snowbowl ski resort if I were there. As you already know by now, snow is not naturally yellowish. It’s supposed to appear white. So why do the slopes of Snowbowl have a tinge of yellow? Because that’s artificial snow you’re seeing, and it’s apparently made from wastewater.

There’s nothing wrong with using wastewater, as long as its treated. The treated stuff is obviously not potable, so if you slip and land face flat onto the slopes, make sure you don’t lick any of that snow off of your lips.

The water used for making snow at the ski area is not drinking water. Studies have found that it contains hormones, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and other chemicals. There is much debate about whether these chemicals are harmful in small amounts.

Regardless, the discolored snow has meant Snowbowl has to contend with a heightened ick factor. Kaelan Monroe, 11, said he went skiing on New Year’s Day and that the conditions were “kind of disgusting.”

(via Geekologie)

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