Cookoo Hooks Up With Your Phone So You Won’t Go Cuckoo Over Missed Calls

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If I tried to count the number of times I’ve gotten yelled at for missing calls or the number opportunities I missed because I didn’t check my messages in time, then I wouldn’t be able to because I lost count after I hit a couple hundred last week.

It’s ironic, considering the fact that it drives me crazy when my sister doesn’t pick up right away when I call her.

If you (or anyone you know) have gone through the same thing, then you might need the Cookoo. It’s basically a watch that’s hooked up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It works with an app (compatible with both Android and iOS devices) to deliver alerts straight to your watch so you won’t miss a thing, even though your phone is stowed away in your bag or pocket.

Little icons will flash on the face of the watch, alerting you to new messages, calls, and appointments as they come. You can even use it to locate a missing (or misplaced) phone and set the self-timer for your phone’s camera.

The Cookoo will be available this November for about $130.

(via Dvice)

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