Instaglasses Concept Lets You Filter Out Your World, In Real Time

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Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps for the iOS. It’s won several awards ever since its launch, including being named as Apple’s iPhone App of the Year. It has since been acquired by Instagram for a buzzworthy $1 billion, but the image sharing service is still gaining traction and is still hotter than ever.

That’s understandable, considering the ease with which it allows users to transform images they’ve captured into automatic pieces of photographic art. Even people with little to no image editing know-how will be able to put out awesome looking pictures in a snap.

So it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Instagram has been chosen as the inspiration behind a concept design product called Instaglasses. Now this concept takes the app to a whole new level and expands it to both a fashion accessory and a shooter, all conveniently rolled into one.


Basically, the Instaglasses let the wearer see the world through their favorite Instagram filter. It’s a literal take on seeing the world with “new” or “fresh” eyes, because the glasses will really render objects in real life in a different and enhanced manner. Once they spot a scene that they want to capture, they can just quickly use the glasses to snap an image. The image can then be uploaded online so they can share it with their friends, family, or social network.

The Instaglasses definitely look like they were designed based on the app’s logo. And I have to say, they look like glasses that most people wouldn’t be embarrassed to sport.

The concept was developed by Markus Gerke. It sounds pretty cool and interesting, although Gerke is just content at showing how the idea might become a reality and isn’t interested in turning it into an actual product.

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