Tactus Displays Buttons When You Need Them, Makes Them Disappear When You Don’t

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Tactus Display

The first few smartphones that featured both touchscreens and physical keyboards were of the bulky kind. I remember buying the Sony Ericsson Xperia when it first came out and getting extremely disappointed with the slow operating system and lagging keyboard.

Mobile technology has come a long way since then. Phone makers have upped their game and have been able to manufacture lightweight smartphones that feature easy-to-use virtual keyboards or physical ones. Looking to revolutionize the industry, though, is Tactus and their all-new dual keyboard displays.


The cool thing is that their displays are like no other. That’s because they appear when you need them, and disappear when you don’t. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but take a look at the video and you’ll see a preview of the technology that could become a reality in a couple of years or so.

[via Oh Gizmo!]

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