Soldier Falls in Line of Duty, Wife Learns About it First on Facebook

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Soldier's Facebook Death Soldiers in active duty risk their lives every day for our country. Staff Sgt. Christopher Brown was one of them. He fought until the very end until he fell in the line of duty when an insurgent bomb exploded in Afghanistan.

As if that news wasn’t tragic enough, his wife, Ariell Taylor-Brown, had to learn all about it on Facebook. And that’s just not acceptable.

Taylor-Brown was browsing on the social network when a soldier from her husband’s platoon sent an urgent message, saying that there was an emergency before asking her to phone them.

A girl in his platoon. She told me to call her immediately and I was in front of my kids and I completely had a breakdown.

– Ariell Taylor-Brown

The thing is, Taylor-Brown wasn’t supposed to be informed in such an informal manner. Military protocol states that the next of kin should be informed of any deaths or casualties in person. Sure enough, two soldiers turned up at Taylor-Brown’s house to inform her of the news–two hours after she heard about it on the phone.

This is clearly a breach in the rules, so the military will be conducting an investigation to look into the matter.

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