Baby-Loving Anonymous Hacker Gets Jail Time

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So here are two things we know about James Jeffery: he’s good with computers and he’s pro-life. And because of that, he’s now serving jail time. But where did Jeffery go wrong?

Let’s fill that story up with details. Jeffery is a member of hacktivisit group Anonymous, which is known to hack websites to push certain political ends forward or to serve their own personal agendas. Given the nature of the group, Anonymous also hacks into databases and servers, just for the heck of it.

Anonymous Hacks Abortion Website

Jeffery clearly had a bigger mission in mind when he hacked into the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) database and retrieved 10,000 records that contained the personal details of the women who had registered on the site. He defaced the BPAS website, posted the Anonymous logo, and left a message for its administrators and members.

An unborn child does not have an opinion, a choice or any rights. Who gave you the right to murder that unborn child and profit from that murder?

“The product, abortion, is skilfully marketed and sold to women at the crisis time in her life. She buys the product, and wants to return it for a refund. But it’s too late.”

Hacked by PabloEscboar, Anonymous ///

– James Jeffery

Jeffery eventually admitted to the hack when he was arrested by the Police Central e-crime Unit in his home. He explained that he decided to hack BPAS because of a disagreement with his sister on her decision to terminate her pregnancy. Jeffery pleaded guilty to two charges under the Computer Misuse Act in court and was sentenced to thirty-two months of jail time last Saturday.

Maybe Jeffery shouldn’t have taken this fight out of the family, because he’s now paying the price for his poor judgment behind bars.

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