Twin Headphones: Split It Up and Share Your Music

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I listened to music a lot back in college. In fact, I still do. I remember sharing one of my earphones to whoever was beside me at the time so they can tune in to what I was listening to. I’m fine with sharing, but it kind of takes away from the whole music experience because you’re just listening to it with one ear.

Twin Headphones The smart and attractive-looking solution? Roel Deden‘s “Twin Headphones” concept. It’s basically two headphones that can be combined into one. So when someone wants to hear what you’re hearing or borrow your headphones, just separate the two and you’re good to go.

Twin Headphones

The full headphones are comprised of two parts: one large set with an open-centered ring, and a smaller set of in-ear headphones. When they’re in close proximity, the wireless connection broadcasts the same tunes to both so songs can be shared without the need to have one of those headphone jack splitters.

I’ll definitely be one of those people waiting in line if these ever do get made.

[via Design Boom]

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