Date Night Rube Goldberg Machine Wants To Help You Get It On

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If you watched a lot of cartoons when you were still a kid, then you might remember seeing some really complicated gadgets that worked together to accomplish a pretty simple task.

For example, an alarm clock would be made up of different parts like a bucket of water, several wooden planks, a pink pong ball, several yards of string, an arrangement of pulleys, funnels, and maybe a few levers. Get the picture?

Date Night Rube Goldberg Machine

You might think that this sort of stuff can only be seen in those silly shows or movies, but there are actually many groups of people who make these sort of contraptions in real life. There’s even an annual competition called the┬áRube Goldberg Machine Contest that is held every year at Purdue, where participants have to create a complex machine that will do a single task in 20 or more ridiculous steps.

Now this contraption right here called the┬áDate Night Rube Goldberg didn’t win any competitions, but it was created specially for the Month of Love to help guys get it on with their lady loves. Check out the Date Night Rube in action in the video above. Enjoy!

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