Creepy Pig Mask Will Give You The Creeps

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm was one of the scariest but eye-opening books I’ve ever read in my entire life. In the story, the farm animals could speak and make their own decisions, while being led by two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon. They sound like pretty harmless names, but their characters were truly not. And in a way, the Creepy Pig Mask reminds of these two characters that wrestled for riches and power in that fictional farm.

The Creepy Pig Mask looks realistic. In a way, it’s been made with human expressions on the mask that merely added to all the creepiness. It’s made from rubber that was meant to look “life-like.” Wear it to your next costume party to look good while freaking people out at the same time.

Creepy Pig Mask

We’ll admit it, this pig looks a little demented and angry. You would be too if everyone coveted your insides because they were made of bacon. We recommend this mask while grilling at your BBQ this summer or just ordering at the butcher counter. Latex. Fits most adult heads.

TheĀ Creepy Pig Mask is available from McPhee for $24.95.

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