Water Dancing Speakers Grooves To The Beat Of Your Music

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There are just some songs that make you want to take a break from whatever you’re doing and just break out in some pretty rad dance moves. The last song that made me just want to break it down on the dance floor was Maroon 5′s Moves Like Jagger. The song is already a few months old, but I still want to move to the beat whenever I hear the song nowadays.

But let’s be realistic. You can’t dance anytime you want to, because it’s either plain weird or frowned upon (such as when you’re at work or at the bus station.) There’s nothing that can be done when you’re at the station, but you can let jets of water do the dancing for you when you’re at the office with the Water Dancing Speakers.

Just play your tunes and watch the water move to the beat of your music. It definitely makes for some good entertainment and lets you enjoy your music on an entirely different level.

Water Dancing Speakers

Look at your speakers, now back at these, now look at your speakers, now back at these! They aren’t these, and they never will be. Why? Because these are gobsmackingly brilliant and like no other speakers we’ve ever seen before. When the music plays the speakers explode (not literally) with jets of water illuminated by bright multi-coloured LED’s, creating a truly unique water show. The water actually bounces to the music like your very own Bellagio fountains!

Powered by USB, they make the perfect laptop accessories, and before you scream “water next to a laptop?!” don’t worry;  the speakers are completely sealed so there is no risk of water spillage. In fact you don’t even need to fill them up as the water is included

The Water Dancing Speakers are available from Red5 for £39.95 ($62.)

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