Good Grief Glasses Can Help You Get Through Your Grief

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Good Grief Glasses

The first time I heard about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s theory of coping with death that can be extended to most other similar occurrences was when it was mentioned on House. DABDA: First comes denial, then anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance. If you need some help getting over something, then you can count on the Good Grief Glasses to get you through.

Just kidding though, because alcohol is never the answer. Instead, it could be time, and a whole lot of patience and effort, not to mention support from the people you love.

The Good Grief Glasses are more for comic relief, really: just how much do you need to drink when you’re in denial versus when you’ve already accepted everything? It’s all up to you, really, but these glasses can help.

Good Grief Glasses

The only problem is; in your distressed (and slightly sozzled) state it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve had. Or indeed, what it is you’re actually feeling. Which is where the Good Grief Glasses come in handy.

Graduated like a measuring jug, this pair of glasses guides you, mood by mood, through the full gamut of grief from ‘Aaagh!” to “Aaaah”. Just find a sympathetic ear, top your glasses up to Denial and work your way down; taking in Anger, Bargaining, Depression and eventually, Acceptance. Give it a try; it’s remarkably cathartic! Just like counting to ten in your head, only it’s with a friend and you both end up in a kebab shop.

The Good Grief Glasses are available from Firebox for £24.99 ($39.)

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