Mousetrap Game: A Classic Game To Add To Family Game Night

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My mom used to lay glue traps and mousetraps (the snappy ones that you see Tom always laying down for Jerry in that popular vintage cartoon series, Tom & Jerry) in our old home when she noticed some of our shoes looking a bit chewed on. She caught a mouse the next day, but it just tore me up to see them suffering when they were caught in the trap. I eventually convinced my mom to buy one of those humane traps that would just cage the mouse in until you decided to set it loose in some far-off area. But enough about the real mousetraps, because theĀ Mousetrap Game is anything but real.

The goal of Mousetrap Game is to catch all the mice before they can infest your home or your business establishment. It takes a real, age-old problem and turns it into something that many people can still play and find relevant.

Mousetrap Game

Rube Goldberg would be proud! Mousetrap, the classic game of pest extermination, lets you build the crazy contraption to catch the mice before they infest your home or place of business! It’s fun to build this comical wonder. But woe to the mouse that gets caught under. 2 to 4 players. Ages 6 & up.

TheĀ Mousetrap Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $19.99.

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