Awkward Family Photos Game To Play With Your Own Awkward Family

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		You know those family photos that just don't end up quite how you wanted or even expected them to be? Well, a lot of other families found an alternative means to displaying their photos instead of stashing them at the back of the family album by sending it off to be included in the Awkward Family Photos Game.

Who knows? If they come up with a second volume of the Awkward Family Photos Game, then maybe you can send yours in and put them to good use, too.

The game follows a question-and-answer format and is obviously meant to played with your family, too. Get ready to have a load of laughs and just a good time once you crack this awkward album (on a board) open.

Awkward Family Photos Game

Celebrate the natural hilarity of family photography with this amusing game based on real photos submitted by good-humored families. Laugh with your loved ones as you answer wild card questions about each shot (hint: the answers are ridiculous.)

Includes 20-sided die, double-sided board with 62 photos, questions and answers per side. 4-6 players or teams of two, up to six teams. The first player to play all five of their chips on the board OR place three of their chips in a row on the board wins.

The Awkward Family Photos Game is available from Uncommon Goods for $25.

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