Nikodama Sticky Blinking Eyeballs For Real-Life Googly Eyes

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Are you a prankster who just loves to scare people or hand out gag gifts and gums coated with chili powder to your colleagues and friends? I’m sure you’ve had some of them swearing that they’ll get their revenge on you someday, right? To keep a closer eye on them, put on these Nikodama Sticky Blinking Eyeballs to make light of the situation, as you always do.

My sister’s daughter has one of those dolls that open and close their eyes, depending on their position. Frankly, I think it’s a little creepy, which is why my niece teases me endlessly with that darned doll. My solution? Turn to her with these blinking eyeballs stuck to my eyes unexpectedly to teach her a lesson and play her own game. That’ll teach her! (Although I don’t think my sister will be very impressed with my immature tactics.)


Nikodama Sticky Blinking Eyeballs

Unscrew the back, insert batteries and hit the “On” button. From that moment on, the eyeballs themselves will take the initiative. The first thing that strikes you is that the twoNikodama eyeballs move in perfect synch, you’ll never catch one blinking without the other. And you’ll never manage to get just one of them to work, so you can’t make them wink at you.

The eyeballs have suction cups on the back you can use to stick them on any flat surface (glass, plastic,…). You can also hang them on a wall, or on a board using thumbtacks or hooks.

The Nikodama Sticky Blinking Eyeballs are available from Curiosite for $49.84 a pair.

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