Road Mice Car Mouse For Wheels That Scroll

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		For the die-hard roadster, there are the collection of Road Mice Car Mouse that you can choose from so you can literally surround yourself with the vehicles you love while you're hard at work (or at play) on your computer or workstation.

The Road Mice Car Mouse series feature replicas of automobiles in the form of fully-functional computer mice. Get one for yourself, for your dad, or for your kid. If you can’t afford to take a spin in the real versions of these vehicles for now, then console yourself by getting these true-to-form replicas for now.


Road Mice Car Mouse

Car enthusiasts will love these replica automobiles that work as fully functional computer mice. They are amazingly realistic with smooth lines, colorful details, glossy finish — and working LED headlights!

All models now have the 2.4GHz and auto sync feature. Just plug and play no syncing needed.

Each comes with a unique VIN number, allowing owners to register, receive the title and activate the 6-month product warranty.

The Road Mice Car Mouse is available from Sky Mall for $44.99 each.

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