Deli’ Do Chocolate Creation Kit Satisfies Your Sweet Cravings

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		Have you ever watched (or read) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and wished that some day, you could actually be decorating and forming your own chocolates? I know I used to every time I would read Roald Dahl's book back when I was still a kid. Now being a chocolatier obviously involves a lot of hard work but with the Chocolate Creation Kit, you can be one in an instant.

You aren’t exactly starting out from scratch here at this point, because basically all you’ll be doing is melting the chocolate and forming them in the molds provided. However, you aren’t really limited in terms of what you can actually do with this kit because the possibilities are endless.


Chocolate Creation Kit

The Chocolate Creation Kit has everything a budding chocolatier could need. Complete with measuring implements, melting pots and (of course) chocolate, this complete kit lets you make milk, dark and white moulded chocs, or set your sights even higher. With the included piping tool you can use molten chocolate as glue to bind solid bits together. So there’s no limit to the shape or size of your choccy creations!

Starter Kit: has everything you need to get creative, it comes with all 3 chocolate types, tons of tools and 4 moulds. The kit includes:

  • 10g cocoa butter powder
  • 25g sugar and silver pearls
  • 2x chocolate melting pots with funnel and stirring paddle
  • 1x food thermometer
  • 4x chocolate moulds
  • 2x 100g milk chocolate
  • 1x 100g white chocolate
  • 1x 100g dark chocolate
  • 2x measuring spoons: spatula and chocolate cutter
  • 3x brushes
  • 1x manual with ideas

The Chocolate Creation Kit comes in two variations: the Discovery Kit which gives you more than just enough to start your chocolate adventure, and the Starter Kit that comes with more molds and materials to get more creative with your chocs. Both are available from Firebox for $56 and $64, respectively.

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