Crazy Calculator Won’t Crunch Digits, But Will Crunch Your Patience

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I love praying pranks on friends and family, especially when they least expect it. And really, who would ever suspect that the calculator that you’re handing off to them is, well, crazy? Of course, we don’t recommend that you hand this Crazy Calculator over when the stakes of the results of the computation are high (like when someone’s doing the payroll), but when the moment’s light and you get the chance, then go ahead and pull the old switcheroo.

While I’m a self-admitted prankster, I don’t really go all out when it comes to buying gag items just for laughs. This is why the Crazy Calculator appeals so much to me: because not only is it a crazy gag calculator, but it also functions as a real calculator when you want it to.

Crazy Calculator

  • Two-in-one 12 digits electronic calculator: regular calculator and prank calculator
  • Crazy mode: Surprise family and friends with funny replies, including I H8 MATH, ASK NICELY, TRY LATER, WHO CARES, GO AWAY, and more!
  • Normal mode: use as regular calculator (with only a push of a button)
  • Automatic shut-off after 90 sec of inactivity
  • Dual power operation: solar power and back-up battery for low-light situations

Start making people go nuts with the Crazy Calculator. Available from the Neatoshop for $8.95.

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