Health/Green Up+: Turning Old CDs into Dumbbells

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I used to rely heavily on my portable Diskman for my music fix back in the day. But when I got my first iPod, it had suddenly become obsolete and too bulky for my taste. It’s still at the bottom of one of my drawers today, since I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. But perhaps the huge hassle in shifting from the Diskman to the iPod was what to do with all of my CDs, now that I had ripped the tracks and transferred them successfully on my iTunes library.

Seung-il Kim’s idea? Use it as the weights for dumbbells! I admit that it seemed like a strange idea at first, and not a very reasonable one. I mean, CDs are light. How many discs would you need in order to come up with a dumbbell with a reasonable weight?

Seung-il Kim has done the math by weighing a single CD and determining its weight (which is an approximate 15 grams.) So if you want a 1-kilogram dumbbell, you’d need to put on around 67 discs, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got a whole bunch of them lying around your house.

It’s a fun alternative use, but like I said, not very practical. Imagine how bulky a 10-kilogram would be, since you’d need well over 667 CDs to reach that weight.

[via Yanko Design]

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