Facebook “Like” Coffee Mug To Make You Like Monday Mornings

| October 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Facebook Like Coffee Mug

Every time Monday rolls around, I sort of go into this mini depression, especially if I had an awesome weekend with my friends. It’s the taxing routine of working for bosses who never seem to be happy or satisfied with the work that you do; mingling with colleagues who want more from you than they’re letting on.

Despite how extremely suck-filled your days at the office are, make sure you unwind, relax, and chill (atl least for a little bit) during your coffee breaks with the Facebook “Like” Mug. Demonstrate just how much you like your morning cup by literally drinking it with gusto and a “Like” imprinted on your mug. Mmm-hmm.

Available from Perpetual Kid for $9.99.

[via Gadgets Matrix]

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