Working Arcade Light Switch Gets A High Score In My Books

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If you’ve ever stepped into an arcade, then you’d probably be able to recognize the buttons above as those that are on the playing board on every arcade game. I remember smacking these buttons like crazy while duking it out with my sister on Street Fighter. Now the buttons are back, but this time, you only need to press them once or twice to get the results you want because they’re the Working Arcade Light Switches.

The best time to bring these in is if you have some switches in your home that are ready for replacing. Instead of going for the boring and conventional switches, why not spice things up and bring some style via these switches?

Working Arcade Light Switch

-2 way switch (15A-120/277V AC/CA)
-Install in deep electrical box
-Button colors: green, red, yellow, blue, white, black, purple, orange (Please let us know which color buttons you would like for the on and off positions)
-Plate colors: white, black, cream

These Working Arcade Light Switches are available from AlephDesign’s shop on Etsy for $30 each.

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