Cornell Food Building Printer: Want Printed Fries With Your Printed Burgers?

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One thing I always wished would happen in real life when watching those futuristic-themed movies was how they did food. Just type in what you want into some food-making machine, tweak some settings, push some buttons, and suddenly a whole pot roast just appears right in front of you. (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.)

So what some scientists have come up with at the┬áCornell Creative Machines Lab aren’t these instant food-making machines, but something that’s just as cool: food printers. The inks for their printing machines are, of course, molten versions of food ingredients, like cheeses, chocolates, or cookie dough.

The food is designed using a separate app called FabApps. This instructs the food printer to, well, print up the food. One huge advantage? You can make it “print” 3D and oddly shaped or customized foods that would probably be impossible to do by hand. One company is hoping to offer up the printer for around $1,000, which isn’t as high as some would expect.

[via Dvice]


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