ArchRuler Makes It Easy To Draw Lines And Pick It Right Up

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I have been a nail biter all my life. My mom has been trying to get me off the habit ever since I was a gradeschooler, but being the stubborn kid that I was, she wasn’t able to.

I’ve worked at kicking the habit though, with limited success: the only nails I bite now are those of my thumbs (both of them, unfortunately.) Being nail-less for most of my life came with a lot of difficulties. For one, it was incredibly hard to pick up flat objects from the table or from the ground. One of the hardest things to pick up, in fact, was a ruler.

It would frustrate me until I would just the ruler to the edge of the table to remove it and re-position it again on whatever I was drawing lines on.

Well, nail biters and for those who are trying to kick the habit, here’s some good news: the ArchRuler. This ruler literally arches, so you can pick it up and off the table easily. When you need to draw a line, just press down and draw–as simple as that.

[via Oh Gizmo!]

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