Alien Invader Multi-tool Does More Than Your Average Keychain Can

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Alien Invader Multi tool One reason why super tools or multi-tools are so popular these days is because they’re so convenient. Imagine being able to accomplish various tasks and different chores, all with the use of one tiny and convenient tool. Another plus is that they also come in quirky and geeky designs as well, like the Alien Invader Multi-tool.

The Alien Invader Multi-tool can screw in your philips and flat-head screws and serve as a decorative keychain that will make you the envy of your video gaming buddies. And when you’re done with your work for the day, just bring out your multi-tool to pop open that bottle of soda to reward yourself for your hard day’s work.

Alien-Invader-Multi-tool Alien Invader Multi-tool

Famous for its addictive gameplay and four note theme tune; now you can celebrate everyone’s favourite arcade classic with the handy Alien Invader Multi-tool.

On its own it makes a nifty keyring attachment, but look closer and you’ll see it’s actually sporting a philips and a flat head screwdriver. Not to mention a bottle opener – perfect for those late night gaming sessions, or just giving your DIY a sci-fi twist.

The Alien Invader Multi-tool is available from Firebox for $13.

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