Financial Acumen Piggy Bank Teaches Kids To Save Smart

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Financial Acumen Piggy Bank

Kids these days are extremely wasteful, not to mention spendaholics and materialistic. I remember having to beg and plead with my mom, just to buy a few dollars’ worth of candy or ice cream (and still not getting what I wanted sometimes.)

Don’t let the value of money get lost on your kids and teach them to save big and spend smart at an early age. TheĀ Financial Acumen Piggy Bank from Hammacher Schlemmer teaches them to do just that. It’s a three-compartment digital piggy bank that allows your child to save up for at most three different goals. It can only be opened with a code (that you should probably set, so your child doesn’t just take all the money out on a whim), so the money’s totally safe inside.

Financial Acumen Piggy Bank

The digital monitor displays deposits, automatically tallying coin amounts, while bill amounts can be added manually. Each canister stays locked in place unless its secret code is entered on the LCD touch screen. The bank can be set to deliver deposit reminders and on-screen notifications when allowance is due, and each canister can be customized to display what children are saving for, and when they want to buy it. When a goal is reached, the bank plays celebratory animation and sound effects.

TheĀ Financial Acumen Piggy Bank is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $49.95.

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