Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses Serve Up Drinks Just Right

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Whiskey is best served (and drank) chilled. Not cold, as in refrigerated, but chilled, as in, placed inside these Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses.

Now what people normally do is just add a couple of ice cubes to their glasses of whiskey. However, all you’re left with is a bland and watery drink after all the ice cubes melt. These Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses are made from natural soapstone. Just leave them in the freezer and take them out when you’re ready to enjoy a drink. It will chill your drink just right–without the added H2O.


Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

If your drink is too harsh for you, don’t worry! Icing down your single-malt is a great way to smooth out a harsh alcohol burn. There’s no shame in adding a little water or soda, but make sure you don’t add more than you need, or that malty flavor will turn insipid and thin. Icing down your drink becomes problematic, though. As the ice melts, more water melts into your drink, ruining the delicate balance.

Hewed from natural soapstone, these rocky little cups live in the freezer until you need ‘em. Pull them out, ice cold, and pour in your favorite (mine’s Balvenie 21yr Portwood). Raise to your lips and sip, slowly. Just enough to coat your tongue. Mmm. That’s good stuff. Now you’re doing it right.

TheĀ Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses are available from ThinkGeek for $39.99.

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