IDAPT Eco Charger Is The Green Charger With A Conscience

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Admit it: how often do you charge your gadgets (MP3 players, smartphones, etc.) and just forget all about it until a few hours later or worse, even the next day? I’ve tried leaving my mobile phone on the charger all night and only remembered to unplug the darned thing the next morning.

Talk about a huge waste of energy. Such carelessness is probably what brought about the creation of the iDapt Eco Charger. It automatically stops charging your device once it deems that the battery is full–including standby power. More than that, the charger itself is actually made from recycled plastic. How much greener can this charger get? IDAPT-i1-Eco-Charger IDAPT i1 Eco Charger

Unlike other chargers that use power as long as they’re plugged into the wall (even after you unplug the device!), the IDAPT i1 Eco Charger automatically shuts power off—including standby power—after your gizmo is fully charged.

Green-minded, planet-conscious portable gadget operatives will love the next bit: The clever bods at IDAPT wanted to go a step further in green technologies, therefore not only saving you money with auto-shut off, they’ve made it from smartrecycled plastic, even the packaging is made from re-cycled cardboard.

The IDAPT i1 Eco Charger is available from Firebox for $33.

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