Paris’s Sea Of 65,000 CDs By Elise Morin

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True story: I almost drowned when I was a kid because I was showing off my “mad” swimming skills to my sister. Luckily, an uncle spotted me (upside down in the water) and fished me out before I swallowed any more water.

But there’s no fear or worry about any kids drowning in this particular sea, because it’s not really a sea; in fact, it looks more like a sea of electrons, if you ask me. (You know, sea of electrons? The phrase they use to describe the movement of electrons in a metallic bond?)


French artist Elise Morin probably collected these CDs for a long time before she was able to turn this project into a reality. This installation is called the Wastelandscape (appropriate name, don’t you think?) and is located at Paris at the Centquatre art space. Ironically, this place used to be a funeral home in the past.

Morin envisioned the piece to be “a still sea of metallic dunes” and achieved this effect by sewing together over 65,000 CDs together and draping several sheets over inflatable mounds.


If you happen to be in the area or will be visiting Paris, make sure to drop by the area as Wastelandscape will be on display until September 10th of this year.

[via My Modern Met]

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