Yoomi DUO Turns Your iPad Into An Interactive Board Game

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When you bought your iPad, you probably already expected to be just using your fingers to run apps and play games on the tablet. However, a lot of people are determined to convince you to use more than your digits by producing several accessories that are meant to be used with your iPad.

Yoomi DUO

Get ready for a totally different kind of game night with the Yoomi DUO.

The Yoomi DUO that works hand in hand (or more appropriately. through the screen) to turn your iPad into an interactive board game.

Obviously, the Yoomi DUO is meant to be played at home, because I can’t imagine anyone willingly carrying around such a bulky little add-on to the tablet that Apple worked so hard to make as compact and thin as possible.

Yoomi DUO It’s a game for the whole family though, so I give it props for that. It’s currently available at Walmart, Amazon, and Toys’R'Us for $14.99. It comes with just one game for now, but more are probably in development to be used in conjunction with the Yoomi DUO.

[via Slippery Brick]

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