Beer Holding Sweatshirt Can Hold Your Booze And More

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Frat boys and girls who love to party will love this funky sweatshirt. It might look like a run of the mill and plain old shirt, but remember, not everything is at it seems.

This Beer Holding Sweatshirt has an extra pouch in front that’s lined, so you can stash cold beer, a can of soup, some canned soda, a bottle of iced tea, or even bottles of seasonings and whatever else you might want to carry around like a mama kangaroo would carry her baby joeys.


Beer Holding Sweatshirt

The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt is perfect for sporting events, picnics, and really boring offices. The Beer Pouch Hoodie features a 30-square-inch pouch with elastic band and an insulating liner to keep your beer ice cold. The pouch can stretch to accommodate soda cans, bottled water, and even cans of soup and bottles of whipped cream.

If you want to get one, you can get the Beer Holding Sweatshirt from Vat19 for $29.95.

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