Viewmaster Wedding Invitations Are Truly One Of A Kind

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Viewmaster Wedding Invitations

You only get married once, right? (Assuming you get it right the first time, of course.) So following that line of thinking, there is no such thing as too grand or too extravagant; after all, it is just a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

And if you truly want to be unique right from the very beginning, then these Viewmaster Wedding invitations are a fantastic way to start.

Viewmaster Wedding Invitations

Delivering these invitations to your friends and family will be a whole lot harder, that much I can tell you. The hole they’ll be burning in your pocket will also be a whole lot larger, because a hundred of these will set you back $3,450. (However, the more invitations you have customized, the cheaper the price for a single invite will be.)

Each of the invitations will come with a viewmaster, a customized reel, and insert cards in the box. Worth it? Not worth it? You be the judge.

Available from Melangerie NYC’s Etsy shop.

[via Oh Gizmo]

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