USB Optical Mouse With Pocket Digital Scale Lets You Weigh Things Over

| August 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale

Is it a mouse? Is it a digital scale? Oh, wait, it’s both. I don’t really know why you’d need a weighing scale beneath your computer mouse, but who knows? It could come in handy.

Say, you’re working on a paper for school and you need to include the weight of a paperclip or pen cap–or something. Or you could be doing a last minute report about an experiment or project that involves some weighing and you just need to verify some values at the last minute. So where would you be if you didn’t have the USB optical mouse with the weighing scale built into it?

USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale But don’t worry. When time comes that you’re pretty sure you won’t have any use for the scale anymore, then simply take it out from the compartment and keep using the mouse as you normally would.

The USB optical mouse with digital scale retails for $22, which isn’t as steep as I thought it would be.

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