Go Clubbin’ With Chewbacca In Your Bag (Not That Kind Of Clubbing!)

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Out of all the characters in the hit saga Star Wars, Chewbacca had always been my favorite. In terms of appearance, that is. While Darth Vader might make a pretty good villain and Luke Skywalker appears to be a good hero-to-be, I have always had a soft spot for Chewy. If you share the same sentiments and play a lot of golf, then you might want to get the Star Wars Chewbacca Golf Club Cover.

All I can say is, if Chewy’s the one who’s keeping guard on your clubs, I’m sure few will dare take it and you will probably get a whole lot of looks and maybe some appreciate stares from the crowd over at your golf course.



Star Wars Chewbacca Golf Club Cover

Carry the Star Wars Chewbacca Golf Club Cover around with you on the fairway and you’ll be sure to avoid any imperial entanglements. Sadly we can’t say the same for trees, bunkers, water traps and the odd Sarlacc but don’t worry – if you falling behind on the score sheet just remind your opponents what happens when a Wookie loses!

Made from soft plush and officially licensed by the house of Lucas, this tongue in cheek cover is a must for any golfing geek. What better companion on your adventures around the course, than the galaxy’s favourite copilot?

The Star Wars Chewbacca Golf Club Cover is available from Firebox for $32.

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