The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Wants You To Re-Invent The Toilet

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Reinvent the Toilet
After reading the title, I’m sure you’re probably scratching your head and going “Whuuuut?” Either that, or you might have already passed judgement on the Gates couple as being a weird and eccentric pair.

But hold your horses, partner, because they’re not doing this out of boredom. It’s actually for a very noble cause. You see, while you and I go take a dump at the toilet and just flush away the whole mess with by pushing down the lever or pressing down the button, over 2 billion people in developing countries all over the world don’t enjoy such luxury. (I mean, it’s not even a luxury, for crying out loud!)

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So in line with this, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has put in a whopping $41.5 million to fund new program strategies and investments. A part of the money will also go into finding some ways to re-design the toilet as well as further along sanitation technology (yes, it exists, and yes, that was the first time I encountered the word myself.)

If you’ve got some ideas of your own, then visit the Foundation’s site to contribute or pool in your ideas.

[via Tech Crunch]

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