Ultimate Batman Fan Casey Putsch Builds His Own Batmobile

| July 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

Turbine Batmobile Casey Putsch

Batman was one superhero that I really considered as super because he was still able to fight crime in Gotham City even though he wasn’t born with any powers, nor did he contract any from being bitten by some insect or from wearing a ring given to him by a dying extraterrestrial.

All Bruce Wayne had was his money and trustworthy butler and sidekick Robin, and that, to me, spells hero. He’s also Casey Putsch ultimate superhero, because he built a drool-worthy and extremely fierce-looking Batmobile that will turn more than just heads when he cruises it down the street.

Putsch’s Batmobile is based on the one featured in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. It’s got a real turbine jet engine that was obtained from an old U.S. Navy drone helicopter which can burn jet fuel, kerosene, or diesel as its fuel. This baby’s over 20-feet long and is 7.5 wide, which means it will be the king of any street its driven on.

We give props to Casey for building such a fine mobile.

[via Putsch Racing via Dvice]

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