Fake Apple Store In China; What’s Steve Jobs Gonna Do About It?

| July 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Fake Apple Store

Apparently, China has leveled up when it comes to churning out counterfeits. They’re not just touting fake goods or duplicated discs or gadgets now, ladies and gentlemen, because they’ve somehow managed to create a rip-off Apple Store in its entirety.

This was brought to everyone’s attention by the blogger over at Birds Abroad. Armed with a camera, Jessica took several photos and walked around the block of Kunming (the largest city in Southwestern China) to check out the scenery, and boom: she spots two more Apple stores which are still complete fakes!

The photos have made their way into a lot of news sites and blogs all over the Internet, so I’m sure that Steve Jobs has already been made aware of the situation.

So the question remains: What’s Steve gonna do about this?

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