Singbox SV-606 MP3 Players Are Portable, Colorful, And Monophonic

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Singbox SV-606 MP3 players

These SV-606 MP3 players by Singbox look more like canisters and water bottles at first glance, but they pack a huge audio punch in such a compact, sleek, and colorful package.

When I say compact, I do mean compact. These speakers stand at only 85mm tall (that’s around 3 inches) and have a diameter of around 35mm. They’re also pretty light, weighing in at only 138 grams.

The SV-606 supports most audio file formats, like MP3, APE, and WMA. It can also accommodate microSD cards for additional memory. These MP3 players come with external speakers, although they’re just monophonic. For better sound, just plug in your headphones in the 3.5mm standard jack and enjoy your music full blast.

These Singbox MP3 players were designed in Japan and is available via Novelview, which is a Korea-based online store.

[via Ubergizmo via Slippery Brick]

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