USB-Powered Fan By Thanko Clips On To Your Tie To Cool You Down

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Thanko USB Powered Fan

Hand fans are so passe. At least, that’s what Thanko thinks, because they’ve come up with a way to cool you down without you having to hold anything or exert any effort at all. More stuff to encourage this extremely automated culture we’re now living in, right?

Thanko is an accessory maker based in Japan and they’ve released a whole bunch of other equally quirky gadgets to make our lives easier.

Thanko USB Powered Fan

Each of these clip-on fans retails for $35 and comes with their own battery packs, in case you can’t keep it tethered on to a USB port, which is its other source of power.

These clip-on fans are only available in Japan for now, though. You might want to ring up your friends from that part of the world or wait a while until it reaches the shores of the US.

[via Slippery Brick]

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