Lollipop Bed Systems Fold Up Into The Wall To Save You A Whole Lot Of Space

| July 17, 2011 | 1 Comment

Lollipop Bed System

We live in a crowded world nowadays. Bungalows are being replaced with condominiums and apartment buildings that are usually cramped for space, and it’s kind of hard to find a comfortable bed that’s just the right size for your pad.

These Lollipop Bed Systems, however, were designed with people who live in such places in mind. There are over six designs and varieties available, from bunk beds to queen beds to soft-slash-wall beds. Fold them up and tuck them into your wall during the day; fold them back out and prop out your pillows every time you want to take a nap or turn in the for the night.

Lollipop Bed System

Specifically, the Lollipop Bed Systems pertain to the bunk beds, although I don’t really get why they call these the lollipops. They’re available in an array of designs and colors. Look through their gallery to see if you can find one that would be a good fit to the design of your place. They’re available in the United States from Resource Furniture, while BonBon will take care of interested parties residing in the UK.

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  1. DM says:

    Lollipop Beds????
    Over 100 years ago, they were called “Murphy Beds”. The Murphy Bed company is still in existence.
    They were featured in many a comedy skit in the silent movies, and early “talkies”.
    So, what else is “new”… ?? ~DM

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