We Give Two Thumbs Up For These Facebook “Like” Hooks

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Facebook Like Hook

Facebook has a lot to deal with these days. It seems like a lot of youngsters are over-running the network and they’ve got a lot of problems going on with their API (read: the Facebook “Like” Buttons.) We experience some of these problems ourselves first-hand when we couldn’t get some of the “Like” buttons on the site to work right. Things are better though, and we hope they stay that way.

The limited launch of Google+ is also probably getting on Facebook’s nerves either. It’s not easy when an Internet giant tries to come into your niche and takes some of your users away, although it seems like Facebook has become a giant of sorts themselves.

Despite all this, I still think Facebook rocks and so do these Facebook “Like” Hooks which bring a little bit of the social network hanging right into your own home.

Facebook Like Hook

One can only wonder why people didn’t come up with these sooner. These hooks are available from Menino’s for around $39.90. It might seem like a whole lot of cash to pay for some hooks. but hey, it is Facebook after all.

[via Craziest Gadgets]

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