Captain America Headphones Released By Coloud And They’re Not Just For The Patriotic

| July 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Coloud Captain America Headphones

It’s five days until the release of the Captain America movie and we here at Gigadgetry are stoked to catch it in the cinemas. As with every superhero movie’s impending release, a huge wave of related merchandise have made its way to stores both online and offline, touting goods that are usually hit or miss.

However, these Captain America Headphones by Coloud are definitely a hit. These would make any audiophile go crazy, with the classic comic art on the outside and the recognizable red Marvel lining the inside. These headphones have 3.5mm jacks, so they can fit into most music media players and mp3 devices.

They’re now available from Coloud online for $39.99.

[via Slippery Brick]

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