Inflatable Tie Makes Sure You Rest Easy, No Matter Where You Are

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Pillow Tie

Nothing sucks more than pulling an all-nighter at work and then having to attend some convention or boring company seminar the next day. I know guys who bring tiny pillows to these meetings and rest their heads on them when they think no one’s watching to catch some quick Zzz’s. But come on! The supervisors know exactly what you plan to do the moment they spot you toting along some pillow; so keep them in the dark by putting on one of these Pillow Ties instead and get the rest you need.

That’s right, these are exactly what you think they are: pillows in disguise. The next time you need to catch a quick nap while you’re on the go, simply find an inconspicuous corner, inflate your Pillow Tie, and nap away.

Pillow Tie

At first glance, the Pillow Tie is a stylish microfiber/silk-blend necktie, but inside is a discreet, removable insert that can be inflated in one breath. The result is a small air pocket, or pillow, for the wearer to conveniently rest his or her head on and catch some much-needed “Zzz’s.” This practical side of the Pillow Tie is evident in Pillow Tie’s official tagline: Because every function that requires a necktie deserves to be slept through.

From the stitching to a small pocket on the reverse side of the necktie, Pillow Ties are specially made so they can function the way they do. The Microfiber/Silk blend gives the ties the look and style of silk with the durability and easy care of microfiber.

The Pillow Tie is available at Firebox for £7.49 with free delivery and from Amazon for $15.30 and is available in four snazzy colors.



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