McNuggets Level-Up By Getting A Sauce Injection To Whet Your Taste Buds

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McNuggets Sauce Injection

My all-time favorite food from McDonald’s is the McNuggets. There’s just something about the way each nugget crunches in between your teeth while the juices just ooze out as you chew and swallow. (Pretty obvious that someone here hasn’t had their lunch yet, right?)

I like to dip my McNuggets in the Tangy Barbecue sauce, but I go for Creamy Ranch and Spicy Buffalo when the mood strikes. Things can get pretty messy though with the dips sometimes. Say, you trip while carrying the little tub of sauce or a huge dollop of sauce runs down the nugget to your fingers (or onto your shirt or jeans.)

Needless to say, I’m pretty clumsy when it comes to my McNuggets, which is why I think the folks over at Serious Eats definitely have a gem of an idea when they injected some sauces into their chicken nuggets.

McNuggets Sauce Injection

There’s no better to describe what these guys did than by saying.. Awesome sauce!

Now I’m off to get a syringe so I can start loading up my nuggets with a sauce or two, or a combination of three.

[via Serious Eats via Dvice]

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