Ride Out The Gigantic Waves And Keep Safe Inside These Tsunami Capsules

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Tsunami Capsule

A lot of lives were lost in the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan a few months ago. While there are many preparations and structural modifications you can do to keep buildings and people safe during earthquakes, there’s not much you can do when it comes to the gigantic and massive waves of the tsunami.

But that’s something these former Boeing engineers, who are a part of the engineering team over at Idea Inc., want to change soon with the Tsunami Escape Capsules that they have in the works.

The conception of the Tsunami Capsule is explained by Idea Inc.’s director of engineering, Scott Hill: “We had this idea a couple of years ago and we’ve been sitting on it. After the tsunami in Japan, we decided we had to develop it and get it out there for the masses. If you can save one life, it would be worth producing it.”

Tsunami Capsule

Each of the capsules can accommodate up to 6 people and could cost as little as $1,000 each. The design is relatively straightforward, where each 7-foot diameter aluminum capsule will be fitted with internal seats and harnesses to accommodate the passengers.

Prototype testing and development could take months or years, but at least the future’s bright with Idea Inc.’s bright ideas.

[via Tech Flash]

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