Would You Like A Side Of Booger Fries With Your Pee Juice And Human Poop Burgers?

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NASA Drink Recycled Urine

Would you drink your own urine? Probably not. But let’s say you’re in outer space and you’re extremely thirsty. You don’t have an unlimited supply of H2O there, that’s fore sure. Now would you drink your own pee? We think you probably would. Heck, even these NASA astronauts would–provided the pee has passed through this special pee bag, that is.

This is no joke. NASA researchers have been hard at work to create a compact and portable kit that contains everything you would need to convert your urine into drinkable water. The urine bag contains a sugary solution in one bag, which works (by osmosis, I would presume) to filter out the contaminants and render the urine potable.

Mitsuyuki Ikeda-Poop Burger

We recommend that you pair your pissy drink with Mitsuyuki Ikeda’s feces burgers, which are actually synthesized from human poop. Would you like some booger fries and earwax brownies with your McRecycled Meal?

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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